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I was wondering which of these catalysts would be better for a hex build.
you could always use the crystal chime. It's weaker for hexes, but it allows you to cast both dark sorceries and dark miracles with the same things
Depends if you want Unfaltering Prayer or slightly more damage.
Hexes? Wrong sequel.
Hope to God this thing is as good as the description says
This talisman shares the appearance of the Darkmoon Talisman so it might be the same talisman and if so should not have any intelligence scaling or be useful for hexes.
The magic scaling in Dark Souls 3 is so confusing. It seemed like, by Dark Souls 2, they had attained a level of consistency. Now? Now it seems like they just it all up at random. I think it's great they're giving you options to work with your builds but it seems more like chaos than options.
Has anyone tested how good this talisman's scaling applies to darkmoon blade miracle buff? I'd like to make a classic dark souls 1 style darkmoon knightess build with the brass set and everything.
basically yorshkas is always better. if dark moon blade counted as dark damage, the sunless chime+darkmoon blade combo would be overpowered.
i've done some testing with some different stats, using a standard ricards rapier at 22 dex:
Ricards Rapier: 121
40/40 sunless talisman+5: 276 (increase of 155)
40/40 yorshka's chime+10: 284 (increase of 163)
60/60 sunless talisman+5: 317 (increase of 196)
60/60 yorshka's chime+10: 356 (increase of 235)
60/30 sunless talisman+5: 248 (increase of 127)
60/30 yorshka's chime+10: 249 (increase of 128)
30/60 sunless talisman+5: 317 (increase of 196)
30/60 yorshka's chime+10: 356 (increase of 235)
Where the hell is the grave
go to the place where a hollow is standing at the edge of the cliff then go left
Why the hell does this one say it scales to 60/60 while Caitha's hits softcap at 45/45?
hardcap mr genius?
It's probably still leftover from when it was thought that 60/60 was the soft cap instead of 45/45.

The spell buff stat will soft cap at 60/60, but the actual damage of dark miracles like gnaw will soft cap at 45/45. Normal miracles like lightning spear cast with this talisman will have their soft cap at 60 faith, but you should be using a different talisman for normal miracles since this one is only optimal with dark miracles. As such, you should generally only plan to go to 45/45 with the sunless talisman (or caitha's chime or izalith staff, for that matter).
These are for low level builds
Will work like a better sun talasmin with wolf ring on. And lifehunt scythes does INSANE damage with this one


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I have done numerous tests on this talisman and its dark scaling. 45int/45fth is the point where scaling drops off considerably.


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Good to know! THANKS!
- SoulHungryBunny
does anyone know if using healing miracles scales off both int and faith. I assume just faith, but it was never specified here.
It literally says it right up there, "This talisman's Intelligence scaling only applies to dark miracles"
Also most healing miracles (except for projected heal) do not scale at all. They are fixed values