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By ConcernedCitizen
These things scared the absolute **** out of me the first time I saw one. I couldn't even run, the water was too deep! Felt kinda dumb when I came back and killed one with just two Great Heavy Soul Arrows. They're scary if they get ya, but surprisingly easy to kill.
By Anonymous
My personal tips for killing these mistakes of gods creation:

1. "weight > defence"
Because their moveset utilizes heavy strikes and homing missles, you can't rely on armor for protection. Even if you dodge his tree slams, you'll be barraged with the missles. Made worse still when you can't get out of the way of the splash made when he dislodges his tree from the ground.

2. "Kill it with fire"
Self-explanatory. He's so weak to fire he'll squeal when he sees a Bic lighter. I'm not a pyromancer build, but a simple fireball will be useful to get a headstart on killing them.

3. "Avoid the dookie swamp"
Avoid fighting these sewer cretins on their home turf. Your advantage in fighting them is your movement speed. While in the thick n' viscous dookie swamp, you'll struggle to move. If you're unlucky enough to encounter one as you're rolling about in turd water, soon it'll be your turd in the water, and your corpse stewing in it. Be cautious, and if you do encounter one in turd water: Stop dreamin' and start screamin'; somersault to nirvana, and fight him on more sanitary grounds. (Also, btw, if you didn't notice, dookie swamp has lilly pads. Good fertilizer I guess.)

4. "Cheesin' is okay in certain circumstances"
This guy's a ****. **** 'em. At least for me, if you want to get a crossbow and start throwing 500 splinters at one, no shame in it. These guys, at least in my opinion, are a dangerous nuisance. If you want to cheese 'em, no shame in it. Fighting them generally consist of rolling in circles looking for opportunities, which is already pretty cheesy. And, if you're still in the dweebish, blue pilled, loser mindset of, "but I wanna fight him with muh honor. I wanna real battle," then I want you to realize: he's cheesing you with those homing missiles. *****es don't deserve honor, fool.

Overall, I hate these enemys, and I hope whatever ******* said, "yeah, this is a well thought out enemy, that'll greatly contribute to a positive gameplay experience," gets a hemorrhoid. Uncool dude. (But hey, I'm probably just salty)

By Anonymous
Why can't we use their red skull magic?
By Anonymous
Bloodborne would sue if we used it.
By Anonymous
These actually are some great enemies now that I think about it
By Anonymous
Pretty incredible i-frames for a mob enemy.
By Anonymous
These big boys are really hot ngl
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
i yeet great chaos fire orbs at these guys from range to one-shot them for easy souls. pyromancy is sick.

though if i mess up (miss, run out of magic) and they get close though, i'm dead.