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Hurrah for pointless!
This weapon has the same poise damage as mace, but more stamina damage.
An entertaining weapon. I like to use it on the spookbois in the Catacombs with a blessed infusion. Anything with blessed automatically knocks down all skeletons, even the big ones with the curved swords. You can go around handing out naps and being generally untouchable. Just switch to something else if you get invaded.
It’s actually the hammer class itself doing the knockdown. Most weapons that have a long haft like halberds and any other large weaponnwill also break them. The blessed infusion will keep the skeletons that revive from getting their second life.
Any weapon with "Strike" damage will knockdown skeletons in Catacombs, regardless whether it's Greatsword, Hammer or Fist.
Don't give up, Skeleton!
Okay I got it. "Thor's hammer". Just keep your marvel sh*t out of my game and we are fine.
The hell are you talking about?
A. It doesn't deal lightning damage, B. Thor isn't sole property of marvel. The mythological figure still used a hammer in stories centuries before marvel existed.
Doesn't even look a damn thing like A N Y pop culture representation of it. Chill out, bruh.
My fav weapon from DS2, the poise damage it had was insane, I believe, by reading comments, it isn't so in this game, sad :c
You need to compense in ability to use this piece of*****
Just use this in one hand and the crescent moon blade in the other hand, and you officially a communist
Comrade Stalin would be proud.
Only if you use no consumables.
The raw infusion table is completely wrong. I'm at a +7 raw at 270. This thing will at least be a little over 300 AR raw. Wanted to use this for my lightning hammer blacksmith cosplay! It's gonna be great ;D
Pair this with a Harpe and blast Soviet anthem. Communism INTENSIFIED.
Ronin cosplay???