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does this wep have anything on reinforced bat?
The description seems to indicate that this item would be increased poise damage. Can anyone test and verify?
No poise in game except for pve enemies
There is poise in the game it's just in the form of hyperarmor, which means that if the weapon does to extra poise damage it would break people out of hyper armor quicker than another hammer
Perserverance basically gives you poise


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I'm level 200 with lots of souls and mats so I've been save scumming to try out maxed versions of weapons of interest. On a 40/40 build, this weapon was (of course) underwhelming in every aspect. BUT, the description indicates that it may deal extra stamina damage to shields... Has anyone tested this?


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In case it could be used as an off hand to deal with pesky greatshield users...
Why the ***** do you mention this "I'm level 200 with lots of soul... I've been save scumming to try out maxed versions of weapons" when you didn't even tried if the weapon deals extra damage XD Boi like nobody cares about that.
Pair dis hammer with shotel
Sorry for posting twice
Harpe would be better imo


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I tested it on Lothric Knights in High Wall of Lothric.
The damage is not so good(Dark+10 though so it could be ok with other infusion).
I use it 2handed, it broke their shield open for crit in 2 hits!
mace, morningstar, picks etc. all break shields in 2 hits :P
love the blacksmith fashion though
What do you mean? you can get pretty early... Before Vordt... Kill Emma, Git Gud and kill the dancer than git gud and kill Oceiros than git gud and kill Champion Indur... see easy peasy...
I cannot get the hammer from Pickle Pee. I dropped a titanite Scale and she said "that no pickle pee that no pump a rum" pls help
Wrong way round. You give the hammer to the crow, and get a scale. If you want to get the hammer, go to the Untended Graves.
You are a silly boy.


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Reading is hard
This weapon is in a sad state comepared to what it was in DS2. IMO it needs a buff of some sort, maybe make it more apparent that it staggers shield users, or add armor degradation to its WA? It's a tool for making weapons and armor, so I think its fitting that it can make them ineffective.
It’s a bad weapon on purpose because it’s a tool. Also calling back to dark souls 1 where it also dropped from Andre but was bad to bel haller Home that you *****ed up by killing the blacksmith.
dank soil two is*****
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