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I aint need a shield to make women moan.
you need a fume greatsword
or Dragons *****... oh i mean dragon tooth
whats a "fume greatsword"? : /
what are you guys talking about??
they are talking about thrust (maybe not so much the damage type)
I made a women laugh once...
i stab my women in the face at our wedding ceremony,
Try finger but hole
lewd shield
people can 2 hand this shield and run out you with a endurance build and u can't parry backstab or kick away the shield
try the horsehoof ring if you want to kick it
You'll need horse hoof ring and the knights ring to even come close.
I'm just gonna leave this here...
Considering this shield can reach 100 stability, no amount of rings or buffing should work to break the guard

Keep a weapon with a shield breaker or quickstep art and you'll be fine.
So I believe I seen someone using this as a medium shield. Was that possibly a different shield or this one?



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You probably saw the Iron Round Shield
Dark Souls II apologist
This is most definitely a greatshield. I've used it myself, heavy as all hell and needs 50 Strength to wield properly.
Does this, in fact, mean that, for instance, an invader can use the shield to attract enemies to the host?
two words comma two words comma two words comma two words comma
No. Only alluring skulls.
I dont feel that enemys r more attracted to me when i use it, seems pointless to me. Pls enlighten me.
there is no god
You can moan and that is already amazing
It's intention is Co-op, so you can protect your host from enemies more effectively.
+ save alot of mana when blocking and probally
+ 1 of the highest magic resistiant among shield
+ effect can be enchanted futher when moaning
- need lots of strength and vitality stat
- cannot parry
A knight of Carim with a shield..?
Weird right? But this is many years after the events of Dark Souls 1 and 2, so some changes probably happened.
Eygon is probably an exception, the shield is probably symbolic of him being a protector, as opposed to someone like Lautrec who kills maidens.

He protec

but he also attack
But just like Lautrec, he snark bacc.
My shield also does not moan even when I am using the contact stats to hold it.
weapon art
yeah it's silent since last patch.
Dominating PvP with this and sunlight straight sword.
ill be honest that sounds kind of like cancer ... liked