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Well I've gotten one to drop titanite Shard, the one in the "deep end" of the swamp drops the "Great Swamp Ring".
Smouldering Lake crabs are resistant to fire, weak to magic and immune to bleed I'd say. Was unable to bleed any with Warden Twinblades buffed with rouge
massive damage
weak point
Get rid of Trivia point 3, the "joke" is already in the strategy section.
Who thought it was a bright idea to allow the Giant Crabs to damage invaders even when they aren't seeded?
If you stay in their face they will more often than not start spraying water, allowing for some free hits. Depending on your equip load you can even just walk aside to not get hit. Alternating walking left and right seemed to help in order to bait the attack.
The line about massive damage is printed as both the 4th, and the final bullet point.
You can do a riposte attack on this crab every time the Giant shoots him with an arrow.