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Does anyone know if this enemy drops its robes like the Jailor?
I was hoping the same thing. I'd love to run around in that.
After a few rounds of farming, it seems they drop Rusted Coins and Handmaiden's Dagger.
drops are handmaids dagger rusted coin and rusted gold coin
It's an ultra rare drop. You can spend hours getting it. Looks cool but I have no idea the stats. Will post them later.
So far found they drop:'s+Dagger // //
It should be noted that they drop gold coins.
and normal coins
And their dagger
These buggers are the only type of enemy that I have to ***** out and use a bow even in NG+ and beyond. No matter how many times I play this game and how familiar I am with enemies I will still try to avoid fighting them in close-combat
Their attacks are relatively easy to anticipate and avoid and they die quite quickly even with a just of a corpse fresh weapon... Practice bro.. you need about ten minutes of practice then they are your new plaything
Pretty good to farm since I found they frequently drop the handmaiden dagger/knife which fetches 1k souls each from the shrine handmaiden


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You can't get their white Jailer Set then?
Nope sadly
what are they weak to? whats the best way to quickly depose of all of them for farming purposes?
Don't know whether they're specifically weak to Strike, but a +3 Fume Ultra Greatsword two-hits them.