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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Thank you!
Based on NPC Questline progression, wouldn't it make more sense to swap Cathedral of the Deep and Farron Keep?
People like myself accidentally fight the faron watchers and wolnir before getting the doll in deacons of the deep.
I guess the only good way to figure out the Weapon Level is to correlate with the upgrade materials.
please =)
so what lvl do you guys recommend for ng+3?
Probably the soft cap(s) on your favorite stats
Vig: 44
Att: 40
End: 40
Vit: 40
Str/Dex: 40
Faith/Int: 60
Luck: Whatever you want
Sl 120 gives you the opportunity to realise all builds. Everything above and you'll become a characterless magic casting havel tank monster.
Update please?
I would say recommended level for NG+ and higher would be SL120.
I beat the game with SL9 and I want to hunt down newbies now in Lothric as a reward. What does this list mean for me and my +10 equipment? Will I invade 55+ SL player? Do I need to change my equipment to be able to invade newbies freshly teleported from the firelink shrine?
Mister, my build requires sl 9. (with rings: str 16 dex 18 and faith 22). Tragical, the same goes for beating nameless King, Master Gundyr and the Twins. I dind't want to proof something. I just want my build complete. But a real "try hard" sl1 run could be one of my next goals,why not? Nameless king, Gundyr and the Twins have a clean move set and it's fun fighting them. Even the

Invade system works of your level so even if you try to invade a low level player you will end up invading an ng+ player close to your level sooo yea
It means since you didnt beat the game with +2 equipment like I did you wont be able to invade newbies. btw im going to be helping newbies. good luck.
Beats entire game at SL9. Asks for help. lol try harder
At least I know now what to do. To be honest more important than spoiling a newbies day is to give him a good show. I will be cosplaying a certain character from another video game. Yeah hope we'll meet and have some good fights!



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It was filled in by users, so it's a communal guide like everything on the wiki. Not meant to be scientific :p
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Ok. I completed my build again, this time with weapons +2. But the summoning signs aren't there anymore. Not at the bonfire or Vordt. I have a bad feeling about this. As I fought the Dancer I could see them on my way to her. Could this be because I killed certain bosses? I didn't improve my weapons any further than +2. For tests I invaded today and landed in a gank trio. So far so good, I wasn't able to invade with +10 weapons. But gankers are not my primary target. Or could it have something to do with the last patch that was removed? Dancer fight was still at .01 patch.
Ok i see the problem. Was that updated? I could swear it was +0-2 last time for the High Wall.