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By Anonymous
Hello DS3 player, I am come to you for a little favour, and I will carry this message to everywhere in DS3 community.
There is a glitch that allows you to summon white sign mad phantom in Gael’s Arena (Credit to Dashingsaint), if you keep Shira alived while she invade you (you can escape her simply sprint out her aggro range), you won’t trigger gael boss cutscene, and then you could put down you purple summon white sign or summon other white purple.
Thus, a new fight club is founded, an arena in a long lost dessert under the sunset sky which sprinkle with fainted galaxy.
If you’re watching this, kindly please help me share this and invite any ds3 enthusiast you known to this new fight club, your little effort would be much appreciated.
SL25+2, SL40+4, SL60+6, SL72+8, SL90+10, SL125 Meta, SL 351++, all SL range are acceptable.
Welcome to the Gael’s Sunset Arena, the most beautiful map in the entire series, the last arena at the End of World.
I will await you there, in the End of the World, and we shall fight eternal, shiny and incandescence.
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After recent testing of this weapon on a low level sorcerer build I'm actually shocked at how good this is. The 2h moveset seems identical to lkss but this thing seems to combo r2 to r1 and I'm having an easier time roll catching with the r2 for some reason.

Stamina consumption seems to be equivalent to dagger...

Range is abysmal... While the first 1h r1 is fine, unless you're point blank the second r1 seems to miss constantly.

At low levels chaos/dark infusions on pure int build overtake crystal, so worth considering if you're planning on elemental infusion. Once you get to+6 crystal scaling takes off.

If I hadn't tried to min max a low level mage I wouldn't have found out about this little fella. It's surprisingly strong
By Anonymous
The lothric straight sword getting the same critical modifier really cucked this thing.

It is a solid option for low level mages. Other than that there's no point in using it unless you're too stubborn to bump your strength to 10 for the longsword.
By Anonymous
How you dare use the unbroken version of this??? If you have one of these, break it in half! It will become the legendary Broken Straight Sword!!!