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does this count as a guard break?
Yes, this can guard break, I tried on both players and enemies using the Zweihander stomp+R2. It works against great shields too. But it is very slow on ultras, so players can easily dodge it, the long recovery time and large stamina usage makes it harder for you to take advantageous of a successful guard break.
I've found I take way less damage if hit during the "stomp" part. It actually makes it extremely effective for trading blows with the otherwise difficult knight enemies
Yeah, It's called Hyper armor - gives you more poise too.
Does anyone know if the Stomp Strong attack does more than a fully charged normal strong attack?
No way. I've never one shot anyone with my lothric knight great sword with the weapon art. I have however blown people away with fully charged 2h power attack. I would even say my 1h fully charred is stronger
After some testing I found my 1h fully charged does very slightly less damage than the stomp follow up. And the 2h power attack does slightly more.
If you are one handing a weapon with stomp and have and shield with weapon skill it will do the initial stomp but you cant do the follow up.
False. I'm doing it right now.
how much does the poise bonus increase poise by?
Depends on what the class the "Stomp weapon" is.

70 poise (Straight Swords and Greatswords)
100 poise (Ultra Greatswords)
Just launched a lothric knight with the bastard sword.
Now i cant stop launching things.
Also, i think this can launch more than one enemy. will test tommorow
I know the feel, once you started launching***** three meters high, you become addicted to it soon enough
Just wondering, shouldn't the Profaned GS be here? I know its WA is called Profaned Flame, but it's basically Stomp with a different name.
It's not Stomp in that sense. Yes Profaned Flame has an identical moveset to Stomp, but after lifting the sword up, it leaves a trail of flame.
My bad, it covers the blade in fire
black knight greatsword is an uppercut, not a smash like the fume...
Thats the heavy attack. The wa is a smash



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Launch work great for ending the more serious anime afflictions. I imagine the other moves work similarly but launch really does the job well. What I mean with this is that if your opponent decides to use a longer animated attack you can easily counter that with stomp, launch in particular.