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Can only recommend it, decent stats + lightning warding.
true but its better if you use magical shield to get more stability.
At max this shield has what I believe is the second best stability of any standard shield at 66%, has a decent weight of 6.0, and fantastic lightning defense. I wish it's it's magic and fire resistance were at 60% at least though.


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It is also the highest stability shield with the parry ability with 100% physical block rate. Strong Lightning defence is also helpful with a couple of Bosses that a lot of people consider to be among the hardest in this game. One of the best shields in the game.
It's hard to Parry with this shield compared to others.
It's like that for all medium shields. Funny you say that, though. I spent the last hour going through High Wall parrying with this thing. It's rough but I find it better than parry shields when you get used to it.
Id advice playing with the shield up in PvP against parriable opponents. If you upgrade it your stability will be good enough to take a hit and then you can time the parry with their second strike better.
although if the lothric knights tried outfitting for fighting dragons with fire def, they might have had an easier time :|
Maybe they were fighting the Nameless King.
if enemies stopped constantly shield bashing with stadard and parry shields-.- i know was surprising at first,but since every shield wielding enemy shield basshes like there is a championship for it, t grew old very very fast
I still find it funny. Sorta like the zombie knight is telling you to F off when you try to get a backstab. Cracked me up the first time I saw it.
Didn't you know? The Dragonslayer Armor trained the lothric knights to shield bash. You can tell both by the four-hit shield bash spam combo that he does, and the fact he's located in Lothric Castle along with them. Someone needs to tell Vaati about this.
The Black Knight shield has better stability and is slightly heavier. This is a good shield you can get early on in the game.
Also it can be infused with Blessed unlike the Black Knighto one.
Also you can parry with this one. Highest stability / defense of parry shields
Observe that you can actually infuse this one which allows for the wonderful simple sidearm deal
79phys/106lgt attack; 95physdef/56mag/50.3fire/95.8 lgt/48.5dark/54 stability
Scaling D(str)/D(faith)
How did you get 95 stability
54 ya blind twat
Lol'd too
"their shields have suitably high lightning absorption befitting a dragonslayer's arms." For you know, fighting all those lightning breathing dargons.
Or the everlasting drago- Oh yeah, they're extinct..
Lmao this is exactly what I was thinking... It should have fire defense for fighting dragons. Not befitting a dragonslayer arm at all..
Goddammit, why do I have such a hard time spelling *dragon
Guess they were fighting the blue drakes from dks1
Honestly it probably only has high lightning resist because the armor is weak to lightning....then they tried to tie it into lore
it could be thought of as since their armor doesn't have the greatest lightning resistance that they slapped a ton of it into their shields, allowing them to withstand their mighty lightning attacks themselves so they could attack again. Maybe like a way of defending oneself from their own power?