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One thing i hate about this & the Sable Church questline is that you must mandatorily accept levels in order to advance. SL 111 is already ideal for me, i don't want to go any higher :/
Im a bit late but nah you can just get yoel to the shrine then beat him to death
A needlessly hard set to get. Seriously don't know why you can't get this with being Lord of Hollows. Really... come on...
Would anyone be able to drop this for me? I’m on PS4 and trying to get all the sets in the game
The trousers looks exceptionally good on female characters, giving them a nice booty.
I swear to the Lords of Cinder... I would like to rush through the game and get all the sets and all that, but that's impossible in just ONE run. The problem is that I love having different builds and it takes *****ing forever to have them fully accomplished, so I have almost all my files with a PvP level character and right now I'm making a Hollow build, and I can't have Pale Shade Set without oppressing MY PEOPLE in a veeeeeeery specific way. I thought being friendly towards the Pale Shade I would have gotten the Set somehow, but that's just me jumping into wrong assumptions.
Imagine if the only way to get Brotherhood of Steel power armor in Fallout was to piss their faction off. That's what this set is like, which kinda sucks.
Who the hell cares?
I care
I care too, it's a royal pain in the *** and needlessly unnecessary.
I like the way the set looks overall, but it gives off a girly vibe, which sucks for my male dark sorcerer.
Traps aren't*****.
The mask looks unisex so mix and match
How does this look girly?
The pale shad is a guy are you calling him a trap lol
This is a better way: Aggro Yuria by hitting her with something weak a couple of times then run away from her. Get invaded at Farron Keep and at Irithyll by Pale Shade Londor. Then BEFORE the Pontiff Sulyvahn bossfight, go to the statue at the Dilapidated Bridge and pay the fine to stop Yuria being aggroed on you. If you do the bossfight before you pay the Absolution fine, I believe she disappears from Firelink. It's a good way if you like to keep everyone alive at Firelink like I do (except Yoel, of course). Then go and claim your prize next to where Yoel dies.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Yuria only appear after you beat the Abyss Watchers? But then it's impossible to get invaded in Farron Kepp - so your method doesn't work if I'm correcct.
No, Yuria appears after Yoel gives you the 5 levels and dies. Yoel automatically dies after you kill the Watchers and open the doorway to the Catacombs, regardless if you've gotten the 5 levels or not.
Looks like Jeff Bezos.
Does anyone want to trade that set for an item or something else
Do you want to not leech off of the community and get it yourself?
Congratulations Anon 2, you've ended the "problem" in its entirety!