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Would anyone trade this set with me my xbox gt is Doge Of Mirrah
what if you kill yuria? can you still get the set?
As I recall she drops her sword and her ashes which allow you to buy the set. Not sure about the specifics but I did it on one character after Yuria outlived her usefulness.



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He/She helped me with Pontiff, I didnt get invaded, can I still get the set?
Nope, you must kill her BEFORE killing Pontiff. If you didn't get invaded, as the guide says, you need to have a bad relationship with Yuria, which will fail Yuria's questline and lock a secret ending.
I’d love to trade something for this. I’d trade anything.
Hand it over, that thing. Your dark soul.
Lol Gael is in the comment section.
I think it's a bit strange Pale shade doesn't invade even without having Yuria there.. disappointing at least...


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In the description of how to get it, it says kill yuria and yoel, you can't kill yoel unless you kill yuria, unless they mean that you let him die. If so someone needs to rephrase it
Technically you can kill Yoel. As long as you have 5 dark sigils and then kill Yoel then Yuria will spawn next time you reload the area.


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Hey guys. I´m looking to get this armor set but i messed up along the quest (i didnt anger yuria in order to trigger the pale shade invasion in the Farron Keep area and i also ended up killing the abyss watchers which ended up ruining everything i had planned to do with the armor). So my question is this, does anyone have an extra set of this armor lying in your inventory that you wont need? If so would you be so kind as to part with it to me? I´ll gladly give anything in return for this generosity. My psn is Darkanine99 if anyone feels generous enough to part with the extra set. Thank you for your time for reading this, Ashen Ones.
you should also mention you HAVE to get invaded in farron keep first. If you kill him in irithyll he wont spawn in the swamp. learned that **** the hard way.
You can only get to Irithyll by defeating the Abyss Watchers, the boss of the area. You can't get invaded in that zone once you beat the area boss. Obviously you have to get invaded in Farron first.
This is the only set in the game I do not own
Understandable, have a nice day trying to get every armor weapon and a far ways away to getting it all but im alsomst do e with the armors after this one
It's a real pisser you can't get this set by actually allying yourself with the Sable Church. You're one of the members, are you not? Why do you have to anger your patron/pay a crapton of souls to be absolved in order to gain it? Makes no sense ~_~
I'll never understand have entire sidequests just to get an armor set.