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How the f*** do you get his set?
Got this *****er to invade in both areas by simply killing Yoel and giving the handmaid the Hollow Ashes.
That means kill Emma and access Lothric Castle early and get to Untended Graves before you kill Abyss Watchers so that he invades in the Keep.

Also killed the assassin in Anri's quest route to be sure and he invaded in Irithyl and I got the set after that.
but yoel doesn't drop hollow ashes when killed.


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"Killing Yoel will also trigger the Pale Shade of Londor to become an invader, there is no need to Draw Out True Strength to obtain the set (convenient for characters who need the set but don't want to level any more). This will of course prevent Yuria from appearing at Firelink Shrine and terminate the quest line." A lot of people on Reddit are willing to trade for this set because they actually don't know you can get it without having to level up. Please add it back.
I tried this for hours, even when killing anri horace yoel all together, the pale shade invader doesnt spawn. Even when I have killed the deacons first and then killed yoel. It doesnt work.
When you summon the Londor Pale Shade in Farron Keep, to help you fight the Abyss Watchers, he is wielding a one-handed sword. Does anyone know if you can get this sword and what it's name is? I cannot seem to find any information about it anywhere.

Morian Blade get from giving Orbeck ashes to Yuria
It's the Morion Blade - Follow Yuria's questline. At some point, she will ask you to kill Orbeck of Vinheim - Then return to her with his ashes, and she'll give the blade to you.


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For she to invade, after killing Yoel, you need to have the peculiar doll from the Deacons of The Deap.
nvm, I had to reload Firelink Shrine first after I killed Yoel... stupid game
I have the freaking doll, killed yoel and I she is not invading me at farron keep. so I call bull*****.
Confirmed you need the doll to make her invade you. Thanks



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An obscure invasion like this, where you're required to deliberately anger a NPC who is essential for an alternate ending. You guys are making this game so much less fun
NG+ is always a thing.
I killed Yoel as soon as I got him into Firelink, Proceeded to Farron keep and killed the shade. Once I got to Irithyl I killed the assassin (something associated with pissing off Yuria and getting the shade to show up, which worked on a previous playthrough) but now the shade just refuses to show up in Irithyl
You need to draw out your true strength 5 times already which will grant you dark sigils, which will kill Yoel and spawn Yuria, then proceed to buy the bell tower key, open the door in the back of firelink and go up the bell tower to obtain a firekeeper soul. Give the soul to the firekeeper to cure the dark sigil, angering Yuria. After Yuria is angered, kill her and then trigger the invasion.
I killed the pilgrim in yorshka's church and that prevented the pale shade to invade in Irithyll
Wrong. I killed the pilgrim in the church and got the shade to invade
If I can't kill the Abyss Watchers without getting Yuria, how am I supposed to anger her? I killed the Abyss Watchers and killed Yuria, but it says I cant kill the invading Pale Shades.
Well you weren't supposed to kill the Abyss Watchers, but as long as you didn't kill the sage then you should be fine.

If you already happened to kill both the area bosses, then you're out of luck. But next time around, don't kill either of the area bossed (Crystal Sage and Abyss Watchers). Instead, after leveling up 5 times from Yoel, kill him. Then rest at the bonfire and return to his body; Yuria should be there now. If somehow she isn't there, you may need to teleport somewhere and back (or just use a homeward bone/coiled sword fragment). Now kill Yuria, and the Pale Shade should be start invading you.
i got both invasions, and when i defeated the second paleshade in irithyl nothing dropped.... i killed yuria, and the pilgrim in the chapel. something either messed with the trigger, or the items didn't drop as intended.
item is in firelink shrine where yoel stood.