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So basically if you don't care about that questline, then the armor set is as good as yours?
Changing the model to a full skirt was a terrible artistic decision. Looks perfect in concept art, looks like poo in game.
Unironicaly my favorite set in the entire ****ing game. I love this set. It’s just so good looking. Especially the mask and chest plate. Ahhhhh it’s so goooood :D
Can someone drop it for me please?
PSN id : m38-mf__1998
no one cares
Go to r/pumparum if you genuinely want it that badly. Don't beg on the FEXTRALIFE WIKI of all places.
If I didn’t pick the set up before killing pontiff will it still be there?
If you are doing siris questline, does it affect getting the invations in any way?
anyone willing to trade? i want this extreme drip but i dont want to start a ng+3
steam id link is ch_eevo