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What exactly does it mean by "anger" Yuria?
Do i have to follow Anri's questline and kill the kidnapper, or can i just settle with killing Yuria?



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You can just cure the hollowing.

Anything that could disrupt the questline "Angers" Yuria.
I'm editing the page as i discover more.


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I've killed the assassin, and killed Yuria, but I'm not getting any invasions. I'm assuming you need to have not killed the boss of the two areas in order to get invaded?
This should be added to the above if that's the case.
Is the set a drop after killing the phantom both times or do you find it on a corpse like some of the others?
I never met Yuria since I made the mistake to cure my dark sigil from Firekeeper and before Yuria could appear (Yoel died on his own btw). Definitely kill the Pale Shade nonetheless and this set just popped near Yoel's dead body.
If Yuria of Londor shows up after the Abyss Watchers are killed and Yoel dies, yet the Abyss Watchers need to be alive for the invasion to take place, how would the Farron Keep invasion happen?
YOu can get Yuria after 5 levels ups from Yoel so before you even kill the tree.
This set looks very similar to the White Church Set in Bloodborne
If you simply miss yuria you will still be invaded!
Pale Shade of Londor will always drop the Manakin claws first, wherever you encounter him. But if you encounter him for the first time in Distant Manor, you won't be able to obtain the Pale Set for that playthrough.
Does she invade twice even if you never met Yuria that playthrough? Its annoying that this quest forces you to level 5 times, I'm already Sl120...
Can confirm that recruiting Yoel then immediately killing him will cause the Pale Shade to spawn at both Irithyll and Farron Keep. Done on NG++