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There is a structure with three of them on the top, they give over 11.000 souls and much more with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and the shield of want. Sorry for my very bad english.
They are also f**kin' cool looking... and purely lethal !
And they also have actual wings
The ones atop the roof after the elevator in grand archives always drop at least a large titanite shard, but have a chance to drop titanite chunks instead. They also drop their weapons occasionally (at least the halberd, didn't get the axes yet) and I got one blessed gem dropped as well.
I actually got the twin axes I recommend them for str builds they have that stun pushback like great axes
i tested all the types of damage with unlvled weapons all the same weapon no rings and dark dose the most damage to them
Axes confirmed
lightning / fire do almost same amount of damage magic / blessed do the same amount weakest to dark (tested with no rings and 5 of the same unleveled weapon)
I tried a couple times but i guess I'm bad. Anyone know if you can parry/riposte the halbred variety?
Assuming your dexter and got avalyn cross bow either use that with exploding bolts or a normal bow long range is easiest if you wanna risk close range pull 1 at a time to the stairwell where the crestfallen soul is and fight from there



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No, even though it has a parry animation (used with Sacred Flame Pyromancy), but i guess this is just because it uses the same model as the twin-axe version.
The Golden variant of these enemies (found in Lothric Castle) are extremely easy to farm if you use the spell rapport on at least 2 of them while killing them off before they become agro again
I don't know what the chances are of this happening, but i got a titanite slab from one of them.
The first time you kill all three of them the last one drops a titanite slab
Killing all 3 nets you 1 as of drops I don't know
Can you get this cool winged golden armor?Maybe there are some conditions?
Yes behind an illusory wall in lothric castle
Nope but you can get the blue and black one with tiny wings and a fat suit.
Wow a war between angels and the kingdom. First time in darksouls the Anglican pantheon actually appears in most souls it was just insinuated like Umbasa and the miracles of god. That's really amazing I'm so exited for dlc I hope it revolves around the lothric kingdom and aldrich.
And the best part is the Angel that visited Gertrude is Kaathe :) You can see winged Kaathe statues in the Dragonslayer armor area.
Could it be silly to wish for a miracle related to their wings ? Or even the golden armor set ? It just looks so freakin' cool... Maybe i'm dreaming too much, but it could be easy to give them an use : no falling damages while wearing the set ( reduced by 25% for each pieces... except lethal fall, of course ) / while the miracle is casted... I know it's impossible to do the same combos that they use, but just for the fashion soul !

"sigh"... but I know it's a biologic trait, not their armor... and I suppose it could not work for miracles.
These winged knights need something to protect their ***....
They have it. It's called "poor backstab detection" courtesy of the game's own programming itself. I had Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring on so I could walk or run around behind the first Winged Knight in the High Wall of Lothric all I want, so I could stay as close behind him without aggro'ing him and it still didn't register a backstab. Mind you I've backstabbed it before, so it's possible, but half the time it doesn't register.