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Would this be usable in PVP to overwhelm Hosts with a mob of NPCs?

Anyone know?
I don't think it would work, as the skull also distracts the enemies. Basically, it would just bring them near the target area, and render them useless to your goal.
Im hoping so, I wonder what the radius is? Im thinking of going for a sort of STR "Beast Master" build...


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you might be able to throw it in an area where the host would be going next to make preparations for a mob fight
Bit late on this but it makes Crystal soulmass and and affinity not deploy, it can also be used on no Invaders or on NPC phantoms when invading
If you invade and the host has not popped a seed of the giants the mobs will ignore you're skulls.
I'm guess "using" from inventory is not the same as "dropping" on nest? I used and it didn't do anything besides waste them.
Correct. To trade with the crow, you have to leave the item on the ground.
yeah, this not a new concept, trading with the crow has been that way since Dark souls 1
Since Demon's Souls actually
When thrown near players with Homing Soulmass ready it won't deploy.
as if sorcerer's needed any more ways to be f*cked in the a**
Does anyone know the exact length that this effect lasts for?
Not sure the exact length, would have to time it, but it is pretty brief. Maybe 5 seconds?
2 (when you go to undead settlement by the two dogs by the first bonfire)
2 (by the well in undead settlement by egyon, where dogs are - you can jump down from a cliff above as well)
2 (after demon you fight with seigward, there are two spiked lantern things. its in building u go through to get cloranthy ring)
I was fighting Kirk and decided to see if alluring skulls would deal damage if they connected with a viable target. I didn't actually hit him, but he went ballistic at the area the skull hit for a few seconds like other "hollow" enemies do.
Alluring skulls can be used against crow knights in the dlc. Make the fight mway easierthan normal.


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I received a drop of one alluring skull from the first pointed hat skeleton in Catacombs of Carthus, this should be noted on where you can farm them.
Sometimes it's fun to just throw one off a cliff and watch enemies run off.


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that's actually done for the Farron skip with the dogs