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everyone in here is begging for these things like my mother in-laws chihuahua when it's **** dinner time.

And here I am on PC and somebody dropped 99 of them for me and I'm like "Welp. Time to delete this character before Tuesday."
why delete the character on Tuesday]>
souls are tep items so you cant be band for souls
Ive heard somewhere that the darksouls 3 servers do a system wide search for anything suspicious during tuesdays and thursdays (not sure).



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Kind of beat to death already but yeah, if you really want these just do the NG+ like everyone else. At least then you get some extra rings on the side
i am warning you, dont scroll down lol. These people are begging harder than actual homeless people
CaN sOmEOnE GiVE Me 99 oF ThEse FoR FrEE!!?!?? Honestly, people need to stop begging and just NG+ if they want them, or farm up the souls the normal way. If its so tedious throw on an auto summon covenant you'll get a few summons here and there to break the monotony, and even if you die you don't lose your souls like Red Eye Orb invasions.
So I was playing mah dark souls and this scrub asked me “can I get about tree fiddy great souls and I said damnit no scrub I ain’t got no tree fiddy”
Ok so I have an Xbox One and PC so I have no prejudice when it comes to who plays what but..... Y'all people playing on Xbox need to git gud cause begging for souls is annoying and stupid. That said people who ask for souls on PC is dumb too but more people beg on Xbox than they do PC.
I dropped one of these from a invader (althoug I didn't see the invasion warning, not sure what was it) in Farron Keep, right before Abyss Watchers. Why is that?
(I'm at NG+)
Shouts out to the sun to who dropped me one in ng after nameless king.
Just happended to me!!! same ng we tried the old demon king twice and after we won he dropped the item for me. He was cosplaying an abbyss watcher. Thanks to him and m!!!
Same happened to me! Summoned him for the old demon king on ng, and after we won he dropped it for me.. Free!! He was cosplaying an Abyss Whatcher. THANKS TO HIM!!!
I invaded one dude in a trio after pontiff sullyvahn. I ended up helping them kill a bunch of invaders since they used a dried finger. The guy gave me an item and all I had spare at the time was a divine blessing and some other*****. After I did that the host ended up giving me the full catarina set, a siegbrau, 23 embers, a torch +10 and one soul of a great champion. I was sl120 already but damn I *****ing love this community.
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my name jeff