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uhhh during a pvp match a red phantom dropped me 99 of them.. will i get banned if i use them?
No. I know from experience.
Go crazy man



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interesting i started drooping 99 of them some time ago maybe it was me
Dude don t worry in drk souls 3 a person gave me like 99 of everything
How does someone get 99 of these??
No, you didn't exploit the game directly. It's as if you found them plainly in the game. If invaders are part of the game, so are the items they drop for you.
Can someone drop me one of these?
What system?
Need souls for me and friends can someone drop me some please
Could someone drop of these for me? I'm on Xbox. Gamer tag is ThE 13th HeR0
The o in hero is a zeros
Thanks in advance.
Can someone drop me 99 of these ??
Try dung pie then git gud!
On PS4 system
Can people stop begging for this item and get good?
If I wanna make a PvP build I give myself a stack of these so I don't need to farm it up lol
At least one can be found in The Ringed City shortly after the first boss in the next area
I was summoned earlier today (Painted World of Ariandel) and the host gave me 11 of these. I didn't know what they were until I consumed one. I'm truely blessed
There is one in the ringed citty, at the staircase to next to the swamp where the 3 THICC guys spawn (NG+)