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Found in NG+ at the top of the archives, after killing the three non-respawnable mobs.
Great achives near the last waxwaterthing after the birdman and gargyoles
I've found 2 on this play through, which is new game+. So there's another location, but I'm not sure where.
One is i think just before aldrch and another is there where the golden knight are i think



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looks like a galaxy
There is another one of those in the Grand archives.Its on a corpse below the balcony where you find the last undead bone shard.
Found one in Anor londo.
If it's the one that the red eyed silver knight is guarding then you are mistaken, that is the 25k soul of a champion.
Is there one for the soul items and their values? If not there needs to be one. Or do they stop increasing after ng+? If they scale all the way up to ng+max I'd really like a peak at their values lol.
they don't scale, they are set drops found in-game
Got a 100
Can you drop me some please I only have 1 -.- and a regular soul of champion My psn is EliteInFame
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Can you drop me one ? My psn is KILLER_ _GABY
I got one after killing a human invader. I wasn't in NG+ yet.



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If only that was true
There's another in Ariandel, I can't say for sure what NG+ cycle it shows up in because I did it on my NG+7 character first, but the pit found beyond the Snowy Mountain Pass bonfire, with the three Millwood Knights has one. The pit has one with the Millwood battle axe, one with the Quakestone Hammer, and one with Earth Seeker. There's a Soul of a Great Champion and two Soul of a Champion in that pit.