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I have 33 INT and got 5 soul masses. So it must be less than 33, i guess 30.
And i have to say that i am very disappointed by the damage it does so far. VERY low damage
It seems as if the only useful spells in pretty much the entire game are farron's flashsword and the soul arrows. Everything else does incredibly low dammage and / or cannot stagger opponents. In dark souls 2 this spell could nearly / instantly kill someone if all of the projectiles hit.
This spell is deceptively useful in PvPs against greedy opponents. You might think the damage is low, but a consistent 300-400 damage when all the souls connect is not what I would consider low at all.


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It's useful when you run towards the enemy from the side and have the masses hit them without firing then go for a straight sword attack or a greatsword, or use Farron flashsword or Soul greatsword
I've got 4 projectiles at level 28 so I assume you get 5 at 30
You get 5 projectiles at level 31, not 30.
I suddenly want this to be a recurring buff instead of just one cast per soulmass.
I don't care if it does the same damage and costs five times the fp, I just want to fire lasers while I fire lasers.
This would be amazing and would make the spell so much more useful. From needs to start making spells that aren't just simple projectiles. They need to make creative spells that utility and options for casters.
Probably adds masses at the same rate as it did in the original Dark Souls. do I fire one or 2 orbs like all NPCs sorcerers and crytal sages are able to instead of all at once automatic?



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spin around some will trigger other not
How do I shoot the spell
This spell does not have 4 orbs at 24 intelligence. 4th orb is gained at 25 intelligence.
Definitely the best soulmass spell, but it's received far too late in the game really. In my opinion it should be available at around the Abyss Watchers.



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But isn't Crystal Homing Soulmass the same thing but even more damage?


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This spell in Demon's Soul's was one of the strongest in the game and could one shot most enemies if all orbs connected. One of my favorite spells, but it is only useful if you are willingly to get close to your enemy. I wish there was some way to control the firing as one issue is that the spell may fire too early.
turn away from the enemy. If the enemy isn't in your (character's) line of sight, it won't fire