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I'm at Lothric castle, one of the wyverns on the bridged bugged, now it can't die, no matter how much I beat its foot... Did anyone experience this?
Happened to me once in ps4.. I died and came back to the area and I could kill it.
Does anyone know if/where you can find the wyvern after it flies away from taking near lethal damage?
Lothric castle.
If you do not happen to kill the other Wyvern from far back (that you could see from the Tower on the Wall), it will join this Wyvern to help roast you alive. But from there, you can use about 30-40 arrows on that Wyvern instead of the Lothric Wyvern. When you deplete its health, both Wyverns will suddenly drop "dead". However, you will need to head to each area, where you will find one Pus of Man at each Dragon's body. From there, kill the Pus and you will then kill the dragons, gaining a few titanite pieces, and an ember.
do the job ;)
the dragon can bug out for some reason. The bug causes that he's just don't acknowledge you. You can damage him all you want, but he wont die.
Dragonslayer Greatbow + Dragonslayer Arrows
For the wyvern on High Wall, another safe spot is near the door it guards. While safe from it's flames, you can easily fire arrows on his wings, only requiring to get the undeads of the area killed (either by you or the wyvern).
Without ever attacking him, the Wyvern in High Wall of Lothric seems to disappear at some point in the game.
It flies over to dragon barracks to join the green one. You see it fly in when you first get there.
if you kill the dragon the pus of man spawn and theyll die without the need to go around the bridge (used soul stream)