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They finally realised the pve op of this shield, so they nerfed it good.
Goodbye my old friend.
really from?
in DS1 it had 100% Physical and it made the shield legit broken as not only was it a lot lighter then every other great shield it had 100% physical DR and amazing stability, meaning people who hit it were staggered meaning free hit. With the lower Physical DR balances out such a great shield
Yup, shields were significantly nerfed.

This shield is still very good. It has the highest stability of any shield, except for extremely heavy (40 STR) Greatshields.
I really appreciate this ***** shield. I mean you still take a bit of damage, but it blocks a lot more damage than you think. Saved my buns more times in PvE and PvP than I care to admit. And that "shield bash" is really something else, break right through the enemy line and stab them good like a Roman Legionnaire.
I wanted this to have the parry skill. Never forget getting parried by Patches in dark souls 1.
The twin dragon greatshield has a weight of 7 while the ancient dragon greatshield has a weight of 6.5
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Just kinda made me facepalm when I first noticed it.
There’s a whole ‘nother dragon on it!
Anyone reminded of the Ancient Roman scutum? This shield looks exactly like it.
It got me to the point where I did a Medieval Legionary build with the Faraam Armor and a Shortsword in the place of a Gladius.
I followed the video to the precise location and said corpse is nowhere to be found. Is there some kind of event parameter I have to meet?


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It's not there any more for me either. I went back to my old character, and the corpse is there. For my newer characters the corpse is missing. No prerequisites that I'm aware of.


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Also missing for me
that moment when boneweel shield has more physical defence than this shield
Bonewheel weights twice as much, has a higher Strength requirement, and is a rare drop where as this is guaranteed. This shield has always been meant for non-strength heavy builds that want a high-stability shield option.
Important information about it: