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Boy am I glad I get a shiny metal *** to wear, an item from Bloodborne, and a piece of a brain.
The armor set CAN BE obtained if you killed Pontiff Sulyvahn. Just got it.



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How? He doesn't spawn for me at the location, after I killed Sulyvahn.
"liar ahead"
It seems someone thought it would be funny to write false info.
It is not funny at all.
Truly hilarious. Majula oblongata is my personal favourite. But yeah its in no way accurate
So I helped Sirris by defeating Creighton in her world but he doesn't invade me after the Yorshka bonfire. By this point I allready completed the game and are currently in post game trying to get as many different items before going into new game+. Did I screw up or am I doing something wrong?
The area boss needs to still be alive for a red Phantom to invade npc or not.
Anyone have screenies on what this set looks like?
I'm guessing you're new huh? The set looks exactly like what it shows on Creighton. He's from Dark Souls 2 and was kind of an ***.
After the Creighton fight on the bridge, Creighton wouldn't invade me at the Yorshka cemetery unless I was kindled.
That is how the game works.