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source: my *** so bear with me here while i bend over backwards

this item is based on the *** practice of using gold to repair pottery among other things.
So this is the most useless consumable in the game.

Durability is completely irrelevant in DS3.
This is like an emote but better. i use it like the talking stones on my sorcerer.
Storm Ruler has 10 durability.
Washing Pole too
That's exactly what i use them for.
You can stock 20 of these with you for a run, enough to spam charge R2 everywhere and not break you sword in the most important moment
This is like an emote but better. i use it like the talking stones on my sorcerer.
I just find the term "lightly enchanted to be hilarious for whatever reason
Lightly enchanted fish fillets


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Buy these up like crazy! With 1.08, they buffed Acid Surge substantially. Breaks your gear very quickly.
"Repairs equipped weapons and armor, as long as they haven't already broken." fukkin wot m8. even though I know how the durability system works in this game, this phrasing is still funny to me. witness the miraculous item, that can fix ANYTHING that isn't broken! clearly Fromsoft haven't heard the saying 'if it ain't broken, don't fix it'.
Sold for only 300 from Greirat after sending him to pillage Undead Settlement, so dont waste your souls on the Handmaid she is a greedy guts :D