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DS3 - Aarahn Ra*****
I speak English and a bit of German, I understand German better than I speak it.
I'm about lvl 120 and just want to play with people. Trolling, invasions, PvP, PvE, Swordgrass farming -.- and Jolly Co-operation :)
Steam ID : Volber92, I do mostly Co-op at any level. Language English. We can do anything that's fun.


Joined: Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:11 am
Souls: 60.00
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Steam ID :
DS3 nickname : Angela
Language: Russian / English / Portuguese
Most of the time i'm pvping in the new arena map, or helping people leaving my summon sign on the ground, i like to help people and i like pvps :)
Steam ID: ninjutsu
Language: English
Up for anything fun :)
Steam ID: Sassy communist
Language: Portuguese and English
Jolly Coperation

Steam ID: The Homunculus King

Language: English

I'm down for anything

Steam ID: AldrichAsshole

Languages: English, German and Russian

I`m up for Ganking, trolling and doing some funny-ass PVP events.

Steam ID: ✟Chris_papa✟

Languages: English, Greek

Always Up for some jolly co-operation and honorable PvP no ganking or trolling from me

Steam ID: Puvis

Language: English, Spanish

Always up for some jolly co-operation or pretty much anything

Steam ID : Vantablack

Language: English

anything with a friend is cool