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Can we get a list of gem infusions this works with? I know a couple myself . Works with: raw, shiving. Does not work with: fire, Crystal.
Works with refined and sharp as well
I'm fairly certain that all elemental infusions do not allow weapons buffs, this one included. Though I think in general more testing is needed.
Works with heavy gem
There are some I'm not sure about that might go either way, like dark, hollow, blessed, bleed. I don't have these unlocked, or am missing the gems to try testing.
I have a bunch of weapons with different infusions so I tried to see what I could enhance. from what I found ONLY non elemental infusioned weapons could be buffed. I have a magic, holy, fire, dark and two boss weapons from the kiln. only my non infused weapons and the weapon I swapped from magic to raw were able to be infused. can't test with refined or heavy since I don't have those gems.
If you infused your weapon for anything other than heavy, sharp or raw,. you can also search this website to see if it can be buffed or not
Thats why Raw is not that bad if you just for the requierments
Hollow weapons can also be buffed.
It worked with heavy gem for me
This item is not located in farron keep, it is located at "Farron keep perimeter" had this been written it would have saved me a lot of time. Simply spawn at farron keep, turn around and run forward until you find it (skeleton leaning against a wall), and then u can open the door for a shortcut to the swampy area where enemies hold giant logs (so big it looks like an entire tree lol)
Farron keep perimeter*
I had to equip a wand on one hand and the weapon that I wanted to use on , on the other hand
Can this be used on Crystal Sage Rapier? If not than what other good weapons out there scale well with this spell?
seems more than 60 secs
Tried it and it's exactly 60 seconds. Maybe you have a +spell duration ring on.
What do I need equipped to use this ?
staff in your left hand
In both magic weapon and great magic weapon, does the effect scale?
So what determines or tells whether a weapon has sorcery capabilities, I've got the Uchigatana but it does not work with said blade. Not sure if there is a sign in game to tell me whether a sword can be reinforced with magic.
Did you infuse your Uchigatana?