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You can use it in Gwynavere's room after Aldrich Devourer of gods boss (Anor Londo) just get behind him spiral elevator and you can use it there :)
Spoke to Lronhard in Rosaria's chamber, gave her a tongue, whatever. Leonhard is missing and Rosaria's is still alive, no idea what to do next...
^that's what i've done, but still nothing. Not sure what other trigger there may be.
I didn't get the Black Eye Orb until after I defeated Aldrich (with Abyss Watchers being only other Lord I'd slain) and returned to the Bedchamber.
Try the black wraith at high wall of lothric. There's a lift down you take to get to it
I had to kill Yhorm & Aldrich for Rosaria to be dead and get the black orb.
Says it has its gaze towards Irithyll, LIES
Not really.... Irithyll of the Boreal Valley's Locations of bonfires shares location bonfires with Anor Londo, as it says in the game.
Actually if it gazes towards irithyll it is because it is in a position where it is able to do so...
Like old times.
I killed Sirris as I saw her first after first talking to Anri. Then I came to Rosaria and gave her 30 tongues. After that I spoke to Leonhard and got the red eye orb. After talking to him in Rosarias chamber and reloading she's still alive and there's no black eye orb.. wtf?!
You have to kill the dark wraith in lothric, with the lift key Leonhard gives you so he goes in rosaria's room
Light the profaned capital bonfire. If that doesn't work, then I don't know.


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It doesn't work if You rank up in the covenant. At 30 tongues You ranked up, that is the problem
It happened to me but after time from talking to him I found rosaria dead with black eye
so if i invaded and he killed me its over?


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Like npc invasions and npc summons, you can do it over againif you fail.
Unlimited consumable, like the proper red eye.
Glad I'm not the only one who thought this
Used to kill ring finger Leonard above the devourer of gods bonfire in the same room you get the ring
If you have this thing equipped in your toolbelt or one of those quickslots, her soul will take its place