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The Handmaide will ask you where youve got it... does it make any differenz?
This is just a way, like with select braille tomes and the dark pyromancy books, to let the player know to find another person to give it to (in both of these cases it goes to Karla, but for these ashes it goes to Sirris).
The guide said the ashes are declined by the shrine maiden, but she doesn't. Sirris isn't showing up anymore.
I told the Shrine Maiden where I got it on my second playthrough and she took it.
When you give this ash to the Handmaid, she spit on it and you are given the choice to tell her where it comes from. Personnaly, I did'nt tell her... What are the effects of this choice? What if I choose otherwise?
You dont get the hidden ashes
B**** stole my ashes!
It's a hand holding the pendant from DaS1!
Big M does it again...
Is that really the *****ing amulet?
i gave these to the shrine handmaid but she's not selling the hidden blessing. wtf!?
Tell her where you found the ashes.
I believe you can only unlock the hidden blessing with these if you choose to tell her where you acquired them.