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STR: C->D / DEX: C->D / Faith: n/a -> S

Currently using +6 Lightning Carthus Curved Greatsword
currently rocking a simple one (fp regen sorcerer) and still has C dex scaling and A INT scaling at +7. only a little bit less damage (30) than an simple exile sword +7 for 7 pounds less and you get a bleed. If you're going to infuse i think this is better than exile if your're doing a quality build then refined exile sword is probably better. havent tried refining this curved greatsword yet.
Used a Sharp Carthus Greatsword for the second half of NG, paired with a standard shield and a Sharp Scimitar alternate for tight spaces and situations where mobility and come-out speed was more important than range and area denial. This weapon has less reach than the pointy ones, but the one-handed R1s and R2s cover a lot of space; it's very easy to get hits with a minimum of directional input as long as your timing is on. Bagged a few Dark Spirits without taking much damage at all. The only thing I dislike about it is how little forward reach the running attacks have, though on the flip side the running R1 covers a lot of area behind you, so it can be used to catch people you pass on the roll.
Oops, I meant the rolling R1 not running R1. The running attack seems to swing more to one side.
very low drop rate, but i finally got it
i got it from the two handed skeles that use the weapon, not from shielded skeles but im sure they drop it too, if anyone is not getting the drop try the two handed skeles
Never mind, there's a two handed skeleton with his back turned, overlooking the wooden bridge. Hell yeah dude.
The giant skeletons with shields drop the Carthus Curved Sword, not the Curved Greatsword.
This is good to know, I've been running back and forth from the Abyss Watchers bonfire and man it's laggy as hell when I re-enter the bonfire area. Where can I find the closest two handed skeleton?
One of the best Dex greatswords. Does really good damage with sharp on dex build. Seems to have a sweetspot in the curve


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Bleed rises to 44 at 40 Luck and its Hollow infusion at 18 STR, 40 Dex, and 40 Luck places its attack rating at 471.
Luck can work best in just about every weapon. It's a beast of a build
Aaaaand now I want to re-spec into a Luck build.
Get the weapon and figure it out yourself.
Yes it should
it doesnt only r1 l2 do combo people can roll out of r2 followups
No, only R2, like any other curved gs


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Okay, I have been farming the red eye skeletons that drop this for a couple days now. I have found 120+ shards, 4 large shards, 4 shackles, 50 rouge, and a couple dozen ember. Despite the number of these guys I've killed I haven't gotten a single one of these to drop. What is the rarity, -100%? My item find isn't that high but it's seemingly high enough cause I get the other carthus weapons just fine.
I have 6 characters now and 3 of them got it just by going through the level normaly ...
Lol RNGesus loves me. I got it on my third try. I feel bad xD
hey man, from what i have tried, when i tried farming the one past the two carthus curved sword wielding skeletons at catacombs of carthus bonfire, he never dropped the curved sword. from what you have described i believe you are farming the same one. i dunno for sure but it seems like this one doesnt drop the sword. as soon i started farming the red eyed one near the bridge i got it 2nd try with only the crystal rapier for discovery boost. anyway idk if this is legit but i hope this helps. i think you can only get it from the red eyed ones.
If you go past the two red eyes from the bonfire there is a skeleton two handing a greatsword - this one dropped if after maybe 5-6 tries.
I too got the weapons just by going through the catacombs. Only Carthus weapon I had to farm a bit for was the Shotel. Mysterious are the ways of the loot.
Got 1 while trying to farm carthus curved sword and on my 20th run i got the carthus curved sword and the carthus curved greatsword.
Try backstabbing dem it worked for me