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Perhaps this is a dumb question. I'm farming Swordgrass atm, does my Item Discovery factor in if the Darkwraiths kill the Ghru? Or do I have to kill them?
The Wraiths killing the Ghru are factored in with your drop rate.
if i kill an enemy, but change my item discovery before the item "orb" shows up, does that still increase the chance of a rare drop?
I honestly wouldn't risk it, as that kind of timing is absurd. If you're going to start trying to time your Rusted Gold Coin uses to just when an enemy dies, you may as well just pop it before the fight starts.
Luck 99, item discovery 399, and still not dropping after u killed 30 or 25 enemy and after 3hr only One item drop i west all my gold coins for one item .
which item did you want to get that badly
Probably the silver knight weapon heaven if they don't exist in dark souls 3
Did you forget the shield of want?
shield of want only increases the amount of souls gained, not item chance
Shield of Want increases souls gained, not item discovery
Shield of want increases souls gained, not item discovery
Shield of want increases souls gained, not item discovery
Shield of want increases souls gained, not item discovery
What if YOU equip all the items then are summoned into another players world, does YOUR item drop rate work for enemy's YOU KILL in their world and allow you to help another player get items?
Does parry (riposte) increase the amount of soul and item discovery?
what about over kill?
Did in the first Dark Souls, even two handing a riposte increased the damage a riposte did. This game it does not. The soul count I'll verify later....
Actually, the bonus souls you got for a riposte in DS1 was only due to the "Overkill". DS3 works exactly the same as DS1 in this; meaning there IS an overkill bonus, but no specific bonus for the riposte. Doesn't effect item discovery in a noticable way though, just souls
Needs to be updated to accommodate Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3.
I did this in 45 minutes with 11 luck, normal Gold Serpent Ring and about 35 Rusted Coins. Seems i got super lucky with my drops but it didnt seem too bad in general.


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I have on the GSR+3, Symbol of Avarice, 2 Sages Rapiers and the coin with 99 luck and my Item discovery is at 565?


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including a rusted gold coin active?
must have used copper. gold would have 599
u canuse both rusted and gold coin at the same time to have buildup item discovery
Its pretty clearly listed on the page,but i wonder if does it directly increase drop chance say: 250 item discovery affect 10%drop chance making it 25% OR it gives 2x 10%rolls with 50% chance for 3th roll?
Im not sure which parts of wikia are datamined or are only speculations.
Are you sure it's the third option?

If it's the third option and we have multiple independent rolls, then doing simple math the chance to get at least one item is 23.05%, instead of 25%. And in the place the wiki says 200 item discovery was to give us 20%, we would have only 19%...

So, it doesn't seem right.
Your supposed to say thicond