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You can use pine resins on weapons that only affect your base damage and scaling (sharp, raw, etc).
But not on weapons that add aux bonuses or different damage types.
Same with spells like cmw or slb from what I've noticed
Where is the Mage's Coal? its needed for crystal, blessed, and deep infusions, and no one, online has found it! There's even an achievement for getting all infusions that needs it! I get the feeling its in NG+ or NG++. T-T
Both the Mage's Coal and the Farron Coal are in the Farron area.
The Farron Coal is in the Road of Sacrifices and the Mage's Coal is not that hard either:
1. Go to Farron bonfire (the one that's after Road of Sacrifices and leads to the poison swamp.
2. Go out the door and head left, you'll see two or three slugs. Just keep running in that direction.
3. After a bit you'll see a tower guarded by a Darkwraith. Kill it and claim the coal inside :D
dude the sages coal is the easiest one to find
do infusions themselves have levels to them I.E. if I have a fire weapon and want to add another fire gem to it is that a thing? I'm a noob so sorry for the noobish question
Nah only need one fire gem to get the best fire damage out of your weapon and it's the same for all weapons and infusions
I did all the infusions listed and my achievement didn't pop up, is there another requirement here? I used the shriving stone to see if that would work.
make sure you just dont have an item you picked up with a certain infusion already. such as blessed mail breaker and deep battle axe. they come pre infused and may confuse you.
Which infusions can I do that still allows me to use spells similar to Magic Weapon? I've noticed that it works on some, but not others.
anything that doesn't add elemental dmg
Basically any weapon infused with the "physical" gems - Refined, Sharp, Heavy etc. - can then be buffed with resins or spells. Any gems that add elemental damage, whether split or scaling, cannot be buffed.

Also note that all weapons cannot be buffed or infused: usually these are "special" and don't use titanite shards to upgrade, instead using either scales or twinkling titanite.
Should I infuse and then level up, or level up and then infuse a weapon?
Infuse at any time as weapon upgrades will use the same material regardless of infusion (only weapons upgraded with titanate shards+ can be infused), but remember that the weapon scaling will differ. At lower stats (IE, lower level) your damage will probably drop because of that; but at higher stats, scaling will outclass raw damage.
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So I was about to infuse my uchigatana with a sharp gem for it ot get better dex scaling but I noticed that the C scaling it has does not go up to a B scaling in dex even if I infuse. The C in dex does become blue indicating it is getting some scaling but does not become a B.

So is it even worth it, or is it better to wait and just upgrade the weapon normally until the scaling goes up and then use the gem? Or are there different levels of scaling even within the same letter? Like you have a high C scaling and a low C scaling in dex and I am just making the C scaling better with the sharp gem. Kinda confusing.
You need to upgrade the weapon itself. The scaling will eventually increase.
There is high and low scaling for each letter. Scaling works more like a gradient than a rank system. They just show you a rank system for simplicity sake.
Scaling is numeric, you just don't get to see the actual number, and it changes from one regulation to the next. If you want to know which weapon will always be the best after all the patches, remember that Miyazaki is a total Berzerk fanboy, and plan around that.