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can you buy these anywhere?
need something to help with dragonslayer swordspear in pvp
That's dumb as a question, as it show you can't even read the wiki page you're at, but it's even dumber as an explanation, since NOBODY uses that weapon in PvP.
Ignore the idiot with anger control issues, yes you can buy them, you just need to find the grave wardens ashes and give them to the shrine handmaiden
Must give the Grave Warden's Ashes.
Has anyone tested it to see if it repels that giant worm? Kinda curious...



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Nah, but it does help against it's lightning beam
On this page "Lasts for 120 seconds."
In the overview: "15% boost in lightning damage absorption for 60 seconds."

Maybe it would be good to have one information. Also, the "15% boost in lightning damage absorption" could be also added here, if correct.

(its the same with the other pellets)