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Soul Spear: ANGRY
...CRYSTAL Soul Spear: HAPPY
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The link to Staff in this page is wrong.
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I've died way too many time to this from friendly fire.
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Easily one of the best high level sorceries. It's Fp cost is way too cheap for it's DMG and also has tracking with a reasonable casting speed unlike sunlight spears or gnaw. Idk how mage builds are bad despite the existence of these and homing crystal soulmass. Imo offensive faith builds are much worse than mage builds
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Why mage builds are considered worse? Its much more situational. Mage builds are better at dealing raw damage but poisecasting on talismans is too good. Thats why miracle builds are little bit better mechanically.
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22 July anon exactly what I want to convey
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Also like to add that sorceries are weak from a PvE standpoint as well since so many bossrs have magic resistance
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people use this in pvp? i just use this for 2000 damage builds
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Now i understand why havel hates magic
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nothing sweater when you kill the gank squad host who spams this **** from the back
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I played for a lobg time souls franchise (even demon's souls original) i wanna say, this is very powerful,
But manny player say"Op" meanwhile it's more an investment, sure it do a lot of damage with 60 or more int, but u have low health or in others stats u are weaker thab full melee, like faith, less range but with weapon art to help it in cqc
Intel is more for distance "obviously"
And with is weapon art too, it's not for melee like the talisman do.
Both (sunlight spear) and crystal soul spear is equivalent, and even lighting have lower defense in game (for only 1%)
The only miss understand for new player and haters, i wanna say Skills.
Play sorcerer without unfathering prayer is a bit more tricky than going Ugs hyper armor and a lot of poise, a lot of caster prefer light armor to have more mobility, that's why u take high damage
Also caster "spam" spells yes, cuz its their builds, don't be cancer and insult without knowing why they do.
With that say, have a good day and gl hf
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I haye you Logan, I really do.