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By Anonymous
I love it when they smother me with their undead tiits.

Evangelist > lady Dimitrescu
By Anonymous
By DanNozzer
There is something seriously wrong with you
By Anonymous
Can they be rapported?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
jesus christ they are fat as hell
By Anonymous
****ing hate this enemy so much.
I just lost 20000 souls to two of em because they shoved me out of a building.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It is a reference to Mozgus from Berserk
By Anonymous
No they are not. It's like saying that black knights are a reference to Monty Python's holy grail coz both have a menacing dude in black armor blocking your path.
By Anonymous
Well, almost everything in the Souls series is inspired by Berserk, so...
By Anonymous
Mozgus from Berserk.
By Anonymous
Here’s a fact about these things, some of them cry when you kill them.
By Anonymous
Yeah, makes me feel a little bad killing them...
By Anonymous
Fun fact: a few big mods for the game reintroduce her cut weapon, the missionary axe
By Anonymous
Evangelist: “my name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest man alive”
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