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By Anonymous
Mozgus anyone?
By Anonymous
Indeed, it's hard to imagine that the book smash isn't a Berserk reference.
By Anonymous
I knew I wasn't the only one who noticed.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Likely not a source of inspiration but they remind me of the fat woman, Sylvia Pittson, from Stephen King's The Gunslinger.
By Anonymous
Yes! That's a perfect comparison.
By Anonymous
She alsof drops her robe
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
"She" has grey chin hair its really weird "she" laughs like a man, but has a feminine voice and the lore states their all female but they look so male in the face espically with a grey goatee. i don't get it
By Anonymous
You've never seen an old or middle aged woman with a mustache or chin hair? Amish women sport that ***** all the time!
By Anonymous
*****in disgusting, facial hair on women. Glad to say I was only misfortunate enough to have witnessed it once.
By Anonymous
It looks to me like their appearance is based on the fat officials from Demon's Souls, not Mozgus. Makes more sense too as it would be included as a throwback to a previous entry in the souls games rather than an obscure reference to a manga.
By Anonymous
Oh and the symbol from Bloodborne, can't forget that obvious Berserk inspiration. :D
By Anonymous
It's not really an "obscure reference" considering that Miyazaki is a well-known fan of Berserk. All of the Souls games are packed with Berserk references, like the wheel skeletons and the Greatsword design. Not to mention several of the game covers that are almost lifted entirely from the manga cover art.
By Anonymous
The appearance is based on the fat officials from Demon's Souls, not Mozgus.
By Anonymous
THe real reason people said that is her move with book, a firm signature move of Mozgul.
By Anonymous
Her attack with her book is a further reference to Mozgus.
By Anonymous
Yeah, each time i meet her, reminds me the stupid look of Mozgus. My kanata never missed a chance to slay her mercilessly.
By Anonymous
what does it mean after she kills you get a huge blood loss message?
By Qwesar
yeah this enemy does a lot of bleed build with her Spiked Mace and spell GnawBleed removes 33% health so that's probably what killed you.
By Anonymous
That is the effect of bleed when it caps. Takes a large chunk of your health, so it's best to avoid it.
By Anonymous
The mace deals bleed.
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