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Way too fricken OP. The great sword ones at least
Agreed. they seem to have near infinite stamina to swing the great sword with.
Why am I having so much trouble? What the ***** is the secret to killing these guys?
The way i go about killing them is waiting for them to make a good thrust forward with their swords and pulling a back stab. when the knight is down just kinda spam him while he gets up and it generally runs pretty well
Bait their double swing. Dodge the first, hug to his left on the second and backstab.
Learn the basic attack and parry with a small shield. Works wonders
I have no problem with the shield knights but the ones with the greatswords can go to hell. What's the trick to beating them?
Bait the double swing. Dodge first, hug target left and backstab.
Can mace wielding knights drop the greatsword?
Iv farmed over 300000 souls trying to get the blue chest piece , any have it willing to trade ? Does it even drop ?
I actually got two. :)
Looks like I will be farming these guys all night since stupid patches wont appear for me so i can get the catrina set.
My friend had the same problem. Patches will still show up at Firelink, you just have to spend 20,000 souls on that key that opens the tower behind the shrine
The greatsword ones use only one attack. A right to left swing. Over. And over. And over. So you can't attack them normally (they don't stun). When you do manage to get around them to do a backstab, your animation will come out about 10 times slower and they have a 100% chance to counter you for half your health. And you have to fight TWO of them in the consumed kings garden. So basically you just run away because they can't be backstabbed, they can't be stunned, and they do a third of your health in one hit with absurd tracking. Grade A enemy. Perfect design.
Aren't even worth fighting conventionally. As mentioned here, they seem to have infinite stamina. Parry works real well, but why even bother taking the risk? I just took the left one out with a ranged weapon and tricked the second one into falling off the ledge so I could do a plunge attack on him. So much easier than direct combat.
Do they even have stamina limit? These things just keep swinging all day long! Besides parry and trade attacks I don't have other effective way against these roid heads
I use my Thrall Axe two handed and it's very easy to kill them with it.
Just hit their shield (Thrall Axe doesn't bounce off and just swings through) 3 times and then you can get a critical hit when they stumble back. The Thrall Axe is one of the best weapons I have so far, really a hidden gem. Works against Lothric Knights aswell!