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By Anonymous
They look just like the ones in oolacile in dark souls1
By Anonymous
Why does it have more health than the others when it's the one that constantly dodges your attacks?
By Anonymous
Umm guys... I think it is the Great Goat from Berserk... I read almost all comments, not one person mentioned that.
By Anonymous
Also jumping attack is definitely from Chapter 148...
By Anonymous
these guys give me more grief than the bosses
By Anonymous
Why, just why this **** spams grab nonstop
By Anonymous
"probably because of them being a spawn of Satan himself, especially the Leaper ones"
This wiki is pure garbage
By Anonymous
These little perverted hellspawns... I hate the attack when they start rubbing their balls on my face...
By Anonymous
Fex wiki "lore" written by braindead morons yet again. "sOmE eVeNt LiKeLy tUrNeD tHeM iNtO gOatS bEcAuSe tHeY aRe LiNkEd tO sAtAn hiMseLf."

SATAN DOES NOT EXIST IN DARK SOULS YOU DUMB F*CK, are you the type of religious catholic smoothbrain who thinks everything is related to christianity? In dark souls lore chaos demons were born of the chaos flame, the soul of life, and they are literally just a new species that gwyn's gods hated and feared (because they fear literally anything that isn't born of the light soul) and sent black knights to literally eradicate them like the holocaust but worse. Keep your religious dogsh*t out of this, please.
By Anonymous
I uh.. think it might be a joke, chief. Just a little meme about how annoying these enemies are
By Anonymous
You’re completely mentally deranged.
By Anonymous
Issa joke, you tone deaf noodle
By Anonymous
I’ve seen some psychotic and/or dumb atheists lose their minds over simple jokes, but this is next level.
By Anonymous
What da ****
- R.T.K
By Anonymous
Autistic redditor right here lol
By Anonymous
I would love a mod that removes this idiot. There is no enemy that I hate more than these,
By Anonymous
Ok this is my 13th run, maybe i can just light up the second flame by running past him and... DON'T LOOK BACK JUST RUN
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