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The spider thingy jumped into a wall and died...I think...anyway now I can't get the ring!
When this happens, quit the game and load it up and the items and corpses spawn in (dead with the items they dropped) where they were standing originally.
I have NO idea what that enemy was, but I NEVER want to see it again. EVER. AHHHHHGGGHHH!!! Gonna have nightmares tonight....
Is it absolutely certain that those are the only things that count as critical hits?

I'm asking because if headshots with a bow also count as critical hits, and would restore FP, then someone with a shortbow repeatedly hitting the head of a large enemy could rapid fire indefinitely.
Hitting with Sacred Fire also sets it off, it gains about half the FP used on it back, so other methods may work with it as well.
The spider did not appear for me (the mace-knight was there)... Is this one of those 'bosses beaten' contingent enemies / loot drops...?
you have to walk all the way into the room and then wait a few seconds and the spider will drop down from above the doorway, i know im two years late but i might aswell add
This ring is perfect for a stealth user who wants a near limitless supply of focus for hidden body casts.
As one can then use hidden body to easily backstab an enemy to recover the FP spent on the hidden body cast.

Coupled with the Aldrich's Ruby, one could also recover health in this manor.

Easily the best rings in the game for a stealthy build.
Only 10 Faith required; Every riposte/backstab can be converted to 1/4 lifebar back.
Can I get it on NG+?
Scythe neck swipes and arrow headshots DO NOT count as criticals for the purpose of this ring.
A crit is either a backstab or successful riposte
This also restores FP on a successful grab with Sacred Flame.
thanks for the info! Guess I can spam sacred flame a little more in pve with this.