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By Anonymous
how the **** have I missed this throughout several playthroughs, I genuinely wasn’t aware this was in DS3
By NaughtyWilbur
Kinda wish this gave a minor bonus to bows for flavor reasons. Would be a fair tradeoff for the low defense.
By FruitPunchNinja
Yea if it had maybe a weaker version of the hawk ring buff, that would make it more interesting.
By Anonymous
There's a version of that in Ds2, sigh, just another reason why Ds2 is underrated.
By Anonymous
It drops from an elder gru in farron keep, and in Dark Soul 1 it dropped from a forest hunter in Darkroot, further showing that the two are one in the same. Also the buildings around Farron are bits of Oolacile.
By Anonymous
Why oh WHY does this have the weight of 2.3? By this logic, a godsdamned leather hat weighs more than a metal shortsword.

Why must you hurt me like this FromSoft? WHY?!?!
By Anonymous
How has no one noticed that this is a berserk reference
By Anonymous
By Anonymous