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Does anyone know if this has the wider parry window like in previous games?
It does
I know that the buckler used to have the highest parrying window back in Dark Souls, does anyone know if that still applies?
I hear the parrying dagger has the highest window this time around
I'm not sure if it's the highest, but the parrying frames start the earliest, so it's easier to time the parries properly.
Just checked, and yeah. Along with the target shield, it has 12 succesful parry frames, and starts the earliest. In comparison, the parrying dagger has 10 succesful frames, and they have a bigger delay.
I would recommend infusing with simple cause then you can gain a little fp in between fights.
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No, just no
does the buckler, target shield, small leather shield, and parrying dagger all have the same amount of extended frames? or does one have slightly more then the others?
those three shields have the same frames, parrying dagger has little more active frames, but the start-up (for the active frames) is a little later. shields are better in my opinion
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Git gud, git gud, git gud, git gud, git gud, git gud, git gud, git gud, learn to play, oh did I mention Git gud?!?!
Honestly, I hate parry spammers, but because they're boring, not because it's effective, since it really isn't. If you're actually losing to them, you've got only yourself to blame... practically the only way to get caught out by parry spammers is if you're either not timing your attacks, which means you need to "Git gud", or if you're R1 spamming, which basically means you're a cancerous ******, and have no right to complain about them in the first place.
Simply equip a ultra greatsword, two hand it and watch them try to parry attacks you can't parry, kill him and give a nice point down
There's a brief moment where you seem to block with the shield before doing a flourish, is that just a block or is that part of the parry animation? When I parry, I always seem to hit a weapon on the blocking part of the animation and it never initiates a parry. Do I need to time it where my character does the flourish after that quarter-second block, or am I just getting unlucky?
Its called a partial parry
Basically, if you get it too early, it just reduces the damage from an attack rather than parrying it. You need to get the timing right so they hit you during the flourish. It takes some getting used to if you previously used medium shields for it, but once you master the timing, it's much easier.
The parry starts when your stamina decreases
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Can there be a mention that simple and blessed infusion is useful for this shield?