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By the wording in this section, can you only do a one time trade to receive a Twinkling titanite or can this be done an infinite amount of times?
It's just one time, the same happens with fire bombs and black fire bombs, if you give him any more he says he has enough
Only once. Read the crow's page and it'll explain everything you need to know about them.
Once per playthrough. NG+ resets.
It would be too over powered . You can only get one per NG playthrough
here is all the colors you can get
Just a little note if you place Prism Stones before anyone joins (Before they start loading in) They will not see them. Also the screaming bit for lethal fall damage is true.
But when I invade I see them always set down
Invaders can see them, summons cannot.
If a Phantom drops prism stones, will the Host see them after that Phantom has left?
If a phantom drops stone the host will still see them, yes. Sometimes phantoms cannot see stones dropped before they are spawned into the host world.
.....It's white.....
it wont work for me i used it to see if i could drop off from the ledge by patches and i died even though it said i could maby fall damg got broken in the patch
...the item may well not be working anymore, but were you using the silvercat ring? you would be surprised just how high "safe" is.
If a phantom starts dropping these, would it erase stones the host already laid out before?
Do these make it easier to see more summon signs for Dark and Light phantoms? Tried hosting a fight club and had one guy but no other summon signs. He came up and watched me do the collapse gesture, then started dropping these everywhere near the Pontiff S. balcony and suddenly there were like five or six more summon signs I could see. Is that just a trippy coincidence?
How long do they last?