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By Anonymous
Su(ks! BSS is better
By Anonymous
gets parried' oh shoot this is gonna hur-HE HAS A DAGGER
By Anonymous
okay, for a strength build would this be better heavy or fire?
By Anonymous
Daggers aren’t worth using on a strength build your normal weapon works just as well
By Anonymous
For just critical choose fire. For dps neither, use an actual STR weapon.
By Anonymous
Hornet Ring's best friend
By Anonymous

It is time to witness perfection.
By Anonymous
Seeing your opponent pull this out of their side after a parry is a come to God moment. The only way you'll survive is with faith.
By Anonymous
i leveled up faith and i still die :( did i do sumthing wrong?
By Anonymous
I meant use tears of denial. If you're an invader or phantom theres no way you'll survive a hornet ring riposte whiteout it.
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By Rads
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It's a great weapon to have by your side, no matter the build.
By Anonymous
Between quickstep, the strongest critical hits in the game, and its light weight, this is pound for pound the most powerful item the world over.
By Anonymous
Literally the best build i've ever made was with this OP base weapon.
chaos dagger +10 with 40/40/40/40 str/dex/int/fth, or sharp with max dex
fire clutch (if chaos), leo ring (if sharp), red tearstone, maybe flynns ring if you use dragon form, then sacred oath, deep protection, dragon shout, and lothric war banner, and bloodlust (for self stabby), correct me if im wrong but i believe you can stack oath, protection, dragon, and lothric buffs together, but honestly its better to use morion blade with the double tearstone buff. abusing quickstep with the dagger then pressing light uses a thrust attack everytime which would buff with the leo ring, increasing its damage if you abuse it correctly, so basically a mega damage abuse build for pvp if you can dodge well
By Anonymous
The parry spammers using this weapon trying to shame the R1 spammers on this page is exactly like the pot calling the kettle black... Racist...
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