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The daggers have same moveset they did in Demons Souls.
Can someone update this page please? I know for a fact that the regular dagger upgrade path shows that it is a lot lower than it actually is.


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This is a community forum; if you see a problem and want it fixed, do the work and update it yourself.
It would be nice if From Software stopped their b***s*** on the items stats. If the dagger deals higher critical damages than the rapier, then give it a higher critical modifier, it's that simple. Numbers aren't supposed to pop out of nowhere...

Also, am-I the only one to think it's pretty dumb to make the base dagger (that you can get after playing 2 minutes) the best dagger of the game for critical attacks ? I mean, the harpe, handmaid's and mail breaker are all pretty much useless because of that. Specialy the harpe that is straight up worse than the dagger and the handmaiden's dagger well, E scalling and no infusion...

No really, wtf FromSoftware ?
I agree that hidden modifiers are stupid, especially when there is a dedicated space for showing the critical modifier. However I get the logic behind the dagger - if you have someone sitting still right in front of you, it's much easier to hit a vital area with a knife than with a stop sign or tree branch. Same goes for the difference between a small knife and some wonky *** gardening scythe.

Also the dagger is best for criticals but is definitely not the best dagger to use as a main weapon on a dagger build. The corvian great knife has huge reach for a dagger, the murky hand scythe pairs phenomenally with a buff build, the bandit knife can make a great bleed build, and the ghru dagger procs poison easily even if poison is only really good for distracting people or tracking them through a map. Having a couple of those on hand and switching between them as needed makes for a very viable build.
For those not running dark/chaos builds or running a strength build and wondering what dagger to use, my backstab damage is as follows with a 66 strength/18 dexterity (no hornet ring) on Ghrus and Dark Wraiths:

Infusion - damage wraith, damage to grhu
fire +10 - 751, 1202
dark +10 - 656, 1024
heavy +10 - 704, 1008 (single or two handed doesn't change damage to enemy despite the AR change)
Thanks, good to know!
I’m assuming you mean firegem
thank you so much I was really wondering what the best infusion is.
So, Chaos dagger is the best for ripostes?
Does your build matter?
Chaos is only best cause of the scaling. But no, if you have a faith build - lightning. Intelligence - crystal and only use Dark if you don't have hornet. Chaos is only the best because of the scaling it has, that is all.
Should I infuse Chaos or Sharp? I have 50 Dex, 49 Fath.
Chaos, you have a great amount of Faith to increase in the scaling
Having a fire or chaos infused dagger as one of your secondary weapons is a good idea for any build, whether PvP or PvE. PvP for ripostes obviously, but in PvE there are more than a few enemies who are extremely annoying but have huge weakness to fire damage. For those a dagger will do more damage than any other weapon you might be carrying around and also often triggers a flailing animation where you can escape or get a few more hits in. Examples: pus of man in high wall / consumed garden, ceiling blobs in cathedral / catacombs / anor londo, undead dogs in high wall / anor londo / untended graves / irithyll, worm guys in cathedral / irithyll dungeon, hollows all over the place, and on and on. The blobs are a classic example - hitting them with a 400AR physical weapon does like 30 damage per swing, but a fire dagger will hit for 100+ and you can swing it so fast they'll be dead in seconds.
You don't even need a 1.5 weight fire dagger to kill the cathedral's blobs. A +3 1.0 weight torch will one-shot them with a charged R2.
What infusion if I have 40dex 40 int?
Either Crystal or simple
I like this weapon for pure aesthetics. It has style and despite its reach, can make a decent pve weapon. Find your balance with this and you can get through some surprisingly hard battles. Never be afraid to go back to basics.
If I start as a knight and don't level INT or FTH and only level strength and some dex, which infusion is best for ripostes?