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By Anonymous
Quick stepping through the water and poison using the weapon art is better then fat rolling.
By Anonymous
Or parry switching
By Anonymous
Yeah. Unfortunately that seems to be the only use for this weapon.
By Anonymous
Might be diffrent on players, but tested the 10+ refined dagger against my +10 refined lothric sword, the sword does about 200-300 more damage. (With the hornet ring on both) dispite the dagger have 130 critical to the sword's 110. Players might get a diffrent result, however, due to the knight not getting the unique attack animations for ripostes, dunno if the multi hit results in more damage?
By Anonymous
Further tested, the dagger is treated as a sword for player-like characters, thus the hornet ring doesn't give it the lovely third hit from the previous games. Sword still out-damages it, though with some testing against a diffrent sword, I noticed the dagger is about on par as a fully upgraded sword with only 100 critical, instead of 110. Still don't think it's worth switching for.
By Anonymous
Totally worth switching for, +10 sharp with 60 dex with hornet does between 800-1400
By Anonymous
Holy ***** S scaling with dex when sharp? How much more damage does this do St 40 dex?
By Anonymous
about 200
By Anonymous
At 40 STR/40 DEX, a sharpened dagger has 217 AR and a refined dagger has 216 AR.
By Anonymous
Thankyou! This is exactly what I was looking for!
By Anonymous
Lol thanks. I was looking for this as well. Of course, with 10 str at sharp it would be a little less than 40/40
By Anonymous
+6 base damage at +10
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
Riposte damage (with hornet ring) CD: 883 DD: 786normal attack CD:62 DD: 71chaos dagger do more damage on riposte but less on normal attacks. Maybe it s a bug.
By Anonymous
Tested in a lot of sl90 invasions (host sl is 81-119) with a 40/40 int faith build:1070-1300 damageusually is 1180 aprox, enough to 1 shot phantoms
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