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Anybody found where to buy such basic item ?
shrine handmaid after giving dreamchasers ashes
Sold by hand maiden. Don't know what ash though.
is it ok to use this in duels?
perfectly acceptable. they are very plentiful costing only 1k each
you can purchase these indefinitely after giving shrine handmaiden the Dreamchaser's Ashes found behind a illusory wall by the Old Wolf of Faron bonfire!! they are 1k each
it says that on the page.
so to make it short , i need to kill you , take your ashes and give it to handmaiden correct ? since your name is dreamchaser's
Does this stack with the grass crest shield and chloranthy ring? Is there actually much point in equipping these things in this game?
source on that info?
They all stack. You can wear grass crest, a cloranthy ring and use a green blossom. Possibly both types but I haven't tested that.
They've stacked since the first game. It doesn't stack with Deep Protection's stamina regen, but it does with the shield and rings.
"Source on that info?" - Just try it and see you tool, this isn't a peer-reviewed neuroscience journal.
Green blossom and at least red bug pellets seem to override each others effect, haven't confirmed with other colors of bug pellets.
Noticed this myself when fighting midir thanks From
eat your vegetables kids
Do i have to eat the child's wheelchair aswell
Popeye power!
Dark souls 3 Viagra.
Keep it up, skeleton!