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The book is blank
I c wut u did there
^ had to go back and get it using the game progress route guide



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Yeah... I don't think that a Braille tome, that describes being important to the blind, is really a translation error.

Time isn't constant in the Dark Souls universe either, so even if you apply real world logic to something that really doesn't need real world logic to make sense, it would still be wrong, as all time happens at once in the world of Dark Souls 3.
it works like this. You see things you believe things and gain perspective or... Insight
There is no translation error. The old sages blindfold said something about obscures all and sees all
With sight comes knowledge, some of it being bad. Since the flame reveals all things, most likely good, it obscures the uninnocent things.
Also, it is important. How can a blind man teach without reading
That's just how I interpret it
Blind people may not have dark knowledge, but since their brains are filled with no evil knowledge they are regarded as smart
Proof is when the fire keeper gains eyes, the music turns dark
Braille is like reading for blind people
Please provide a video on how to find this item.
In that same line of thought the Lucerne Hammer would be a mistranslation as it was specifically named that for it's invention in Lucerne Switzerland in the 15th century
Well, how about Molotov Cocktails, Hippocratic Oath and Ludwig talking about spartans in Bloodborne?
that "trivia" is utterly stupid and should be removed. it's a fantasy video game, literally NONE of the weapons for instance make sense if you try to imagine how they came about outside of real-world historical context. might as well put in the trivia of every weapon, "likely a translation error, as this weapon was invented at such and such a time at such and such a place, making it impossible to exist in Dark Souls".
This "trivia" on this page is so asinine as to be offensive. Please remove it


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Changed the Trivia by crossing out the blatantly incorrect information and separating the two thoughts, as well as adding a proper reason as to WHY it is incorrect. I'll leave it to a mod or admin to decide if it should be removed.
It isn't incorrect. Braille language is named after a person. The Japanese version calls it "dot writing" specifically to avoid calling it something that would have no etymological original in that world.
Are we certain this game isnt on earth? Go to the archdragon's peak and look for the moon, it looks an awful lot like our moon.


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Alternate universe, at least.
When you attack the lady (forget her name) to start the dancer boss fight she says "What on Earth?!". So, yes, this is Earth (just a very strange one indeed).
They probably just used an actual image of the moon for that.