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Use the sort button. Done.
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Wont let me select the drop down arrow
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Wish the optimizer had a 'pve' variant to tone down the physical defense stat ( where we all know by now hopefuly that other than slugs dealing pure phys and using that stat its pointless for 99.9% of the rest excluding pvp ) and up the slash/strike/thrust , i tried manually putting it to 0 but that doesnt seem to change things much
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Im new and i didn't know about that pure "Physical" is pointless. It's hard to believe for me. Can anyone confirm it?
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Here a year late, it aint. Physical is almost every attack in the game - Strike and the like pretty much only matter with humanoid enemies. Ymfah did a good video on it, I believe, showing that with 100% physical absorption its basically godmode.
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how does this thing even work?
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It's actually pretty amazing tool.
1. fill your char's vitality
2. fill Weight Fraction Goals -> if you want to have weight/load ratio below 30%, put there 0.299; if you want below 70% put there 0.699
3. fill Right Hand Weapons weights there (all equipped weapons)
4. same as point 3. but for LEFT weapons/shields etc (amazing huh?)
5. fill your equipped rings (these just bring rings weight into calculation)
6. set Result List Length -> how many variations you want to get in list

Bellow is table with weights and minimums
"Minimums" - minimum value which armor can have
"Weights" - think "weight" as priority (1 is highest priority).
For example if you want to have armor with best fire defense, put 0 in every weight but put 1 to fire. If you want to have best Magic and Fire defense, put 1 to Magic and Fire.

Click Run and wait.
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Why can’t I upvote your reply. Gud stuf!
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Is there an updated version of this?
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The armor optimizer freeze at 1%
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I thought this was a wiki, not homework