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I am curious the lore of this dude, who is Ocellotte, I notice their name is a lot like Shanallotte who was a child of dragons.
Oceiros was the king of Lothric who became fixed on doing something greater with his noble blood.
Left shortly after his birth
It's mention that ocellotte could be his child that may or may not have died due to him being a hybrid of man and dragons
As for ocelotte in the description of Devine blessing it claims he was the Kings youngest son so younger brother of the two princes you fight and that the queen lef
doing a mage build and don't know what to choose
Moonlight is very good. Am using it right now. For anything that moonlight cannot destroy, a weapon with chaos infusion or raw or great chaos fire orb works.
Moonlight best Int scaling weapon that I know of.
I keep dying and everyone is saying he's easy
Hawkwood helps allot. Summon him after you clear the 2 knights between him and the fog gate
tbh his first phase is harder, but in the second phase, you're virtually safe from any attack if you just strafe his junk. Use a lightning-infused weapon, too.
White dragon breath is not "outclassed" by crystal soul spear, it is a different type of spell altogether and very useful in pvp if you actually know how to use more than 2 spells. You can free aim it much more easily than a soul spear, which allows you to catch people that are smart enough to run in semi-circles around your other spells, since they don't track at all in this game.
White Dragon Breath or Moonlight Greatsword? I can't decide
I don't find that the Soul of Friede have "a light blue hue", it's a completely different design. I think that the souls of Oceiros and the Crystal Sage have the same design because they two share a link with Seath, Logan and crystals. In the same fashion, Aldrich and the Deacons have a "dark blue hue", because they are related to the Deep and the Church of the Deep.
ngl I kind of wish instead of WDB, we got that big ol' staff that Oceiros starts the fight with as a sort of greathammer-stave hybrid. B O N K
Outclassed in damage and speed by crystal soul spear? This isn't even the page for the spell for one, and they're also different spells suited for different purposes. What is the point of even mentioning that? That's like saying Repair outclasses Hidden Weapon.

If you're going to close off editing the wiki by anyone except your elite uber-friends, then keep your subjective***** in the comment section.
Both Sword and Spell are worth of having. Wiki should be very carefull at suggesting what is better. Given that fashion souls exists there is no way of telling that something is worse in every respect and for that reason not worth of using. Only transposition which wiki should name not worth of doing is transposition of: Soul of Dragon Peasant which can be either transposed into: -Great Hammer scalling with 5 stats (luck included) which has moveset of ledo and weapon art emulating Dragonslayers Armour force wave. -Ring of Calamity +1. Enemies stare kills you.